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Millennium is a Vertical Company which is involved in all parts of Solar Energy PV and PVT & Renewable Energy Industry

The company had developed advanced Solar PVT Hybrid panels, and is manufacturer with a large production capacity (The only Israeli PV & PVT manufacturer), seller, Integrator, constructor and IPP operator of PV Solar Power Stations. 

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Tel: +972 9 7439490

Fax: +972 9 7453364

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Tel:  +972 36774411

Fax: +972 36774414

Millennium Battery Storage Solution

Comprised of storage batteries and control units to manage charging and discharging, Millennium Energy Storage Solution is suitable for various applications (e.g. Residential Energy Storage, Community Energy Storage, Utility scale ancillary services etc.). Through the unique control method and know-how of managing energy storage, the system can control BESS with over 10,000 cycles storage batteries as part of a 2-MWH or greater system


Millennium has a unique and innovative patented technology. The Multi Solar System (MSS PVT) that makes it possible to convert solar energy into Electrical energy (PV) and Thermal energy at the same time from a single integrated collector. MSS system generates up to 30% higher PV efficiency for production of electricity by cooling the PV cells while at the same time produce 4 times heat for domestic use: Hot water, heating house, air conditioning and steam generation

Millennium PVT Agro solar Greenhouse Roots heating

Battery & Solar Hot Water Heating and Ventilation

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